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Greetings Fourth District Members,

The Installation Dinner for the Fourth District Dental Society of New York was held in Ballston Spa in early January.  There, I was inducted as president of our society and it is an honor in many ways.  I am honored to work beside the many hard working and dedicated individuals that run our society.  I am honored to be a voice for all of our members in the Fourth District. Furthermore, I am honored to have had the ceremony take place in the town in which I grew up.

I am proud to call Ballston Spa my hometown.  There are many wonderful shops and restaurants that make the town special; but my connection is with the good people there that have had great influence on me and have shaped my pathway in life.   I have been given a great gift through their mentorship and it is my hope to pass it on.

Mentorship has a supreme importance in all of our lives.   My goal in the upcoming year is to encourage mentorship within our society.  I want to direct efforts toward our new members, and those that are established and interested in a more active role.  I want to provide greater opportunity for the members on the outskirts of our district to get involved.  We have taken steps toward this goal.  We introduced new technology at our last executive board meeting that will allow people to attend our meetings via video conferencing, therefore removing the obstacle of travel for our members in the outlying areas.  This is a good start, but there will always be other obstacles.  We need to continue reaching out and connecting with our fellow members.  This mentorship within our society will strengthen organized dentistry and our profession as a whole.  

I look forward to a positive and exciting year ahead and thank you for the opportunity to lead as President of the Fourth District Dental Society in 2016!


Seth T. Farren, DDS