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Dear Fellow Fourth District Members,

              I hope everyone has had a fantastic start to 2015!  I am so pleased to have the honor of serving as your president this year. Before I get to some of the things our district has planned, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to our immediate past president, Dr. Loren Baim.  Loren, the first female president of the district, did an amazing job leading our district last year.  Thank you, Loren!

              I am very excited about some of the events and programs planned for the district this year.  I am looking forward to the Saratoga Dental Congress in May.  I am hoping that everyone will find something interesting and educational they would like to attend.  We will be sending out the brochure as we have in past years.  This year we have also implemented an online registration, so be sure to visit the Fourth District website ( for easy registration this year.  We will also hold our annual golf tournament this fall.  For non-golfers, we are planning some additional continuing education in the afternoon, so please keep a watch for that later this year.  We are also offering some fantastic continuing education courses.  If you have not received the continuing education brochure in the mail, please do not hesitate to contact the district office.

              We are also going to be facing some challenges in 2015. I’m sure everyone is aware of the upcoming e-prescribing legislation.  As a practitioner, I am frustrated and annoyed at this intrusion into my practice.  And, in my opinion, the worst part is that I feel it is not practitioners that will suffer (although it may mean more work and expense), but it will be our patients.  I know that my patients are comforted when they need a prescription and they walk out with one in their hands.  Unfortunately, this legislation has been passed by our state government and it is something that is happening regardless of our feelings as practitioners.  We are trying, though, as a district to ease and minimize the disruption and frustration this legislation will cause.  We will host continuing education regarding the e-prescribing legislation and the applicable computer programs.  We are also working, through NYSDA, to offer reasonably priced options for the e-prescribing programs.  And again, like most of you, I don’t believe this legislation is a benefit to our patients or to us, as practitioners; but I do hope that as a district we will weather the storm as smoothly as possible. 

              In conclusion, I look forward, as your president, to facing the few challenges and enjoying the multiple successes I believe this year will bring.  Thank you.

Adrienne L. Korkosz, DMD