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Greetings Fourth District Members,

            The 2016 Saratoga Dental Congress is now in the books.  This is the signature event for our district, and again, it was a huge success.  I want to thank everyone that attended.  We had high quality continuing education from speakers, Dennis Tarnow, Alfonso Pineyro, Linda Miles and Lynn Mortilla-Rocap.  A lot of great information was discussed and many pearls were given concerning office management and implant dentistry.   A special thanks goes to Linda Miles, as this was her last full day of lecture prior to her retirement after more than 30 years of speaking to the office team.   Her unique brand of charm and humor will be missed and I am thankful that she was able to share it with us one last time.  I also want to thank all of the people who make the SDC possible.  A lot of work goes into planning and executing a successful meeting and the lions share can be attributed to our magnificent Executive Director, Lynn Martin.  She works tirelessly on the details and she deserves all of our praise.  I also want to thank the many volunteers from our district that work “behind the scenes”.   There are too many names to name, but we are lucky to have these men and women who devote their valuable time.  Mark your calendars for next year’s SDC, which will be held on May 11th and 12th.

            This year we were fortunate to have the New York State Dental Association President-Elect, Dr. Richard Andolina, speak at our semi-annual Business Meeting.  Dr. Andolina gave a very poignant and informative speech, emphasizing the effects local, state and national government have on the way we practice dentistry.  The laws written by our government can have broad impact and are constantly evolving.  One example is the e-prescribe law that went into effect in March of this year.  As all of you know, we are now mandated by New York state law, to send prescriptions electronically, but there are many nuances and additional laws that you may not be aware of (please see Important Points about E-prescribe on our website under Membership; Information for Your Practice). 

           Whether or not you agree with our regulatory laws such as e-prescribe, they become a part of our practice, therefore, our input is supremely important.  As the experts in dentistry, we need to make sure our voice is always heard.  Please support our political action committees (EDPAC, ADPAC, and specialty PAC’s) because they are our voice and we need it to be loud.  Have a wonderful summer!


Best regards,

Seth Farren


Seth T. Farren, DDS