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 --Used Equipment For Sale - Reasonable: hand pieces high low good; rotary endo; vacuum former; model trimmer; analgesia machines Foregger Medved; apex locator; electro surg; Dri Clave vacuum central units and motors; In room darkroom; surgical instruments forceps; EZ Press III HANDPIECE turbine repair unit and turbines; NO Oxygen regulators; vibrators; bead sterilizers and ortho welders. Please contact Dr. Harlan Taub at (516) 695-2522 or (Posted 11/17/15)

--Donated Equipment: ▪ Air Techniques A/T2000 XR x-ray film processor ▪ 2-Star X-ray Co x-ray viewer boxes ▪ Assorted amalgam tools. Please call Jamie at (518) 226-6010 or email (Posted 10/6/15)

--Dr. Cristiana Gaton, D.D.S would like donate a 1996 panoramic x-Ray machine, to anyone who would like to pick it up at the office located at 100 Market St Amsterdam, NY 12010. Please call for an appointment at (518) 843-4408.(Posted 7/27/15)

 -- Glens Falls Medical Missionary Foundation --
   • Accepting donations of dental equipment or supplies for Guatemala. Contact the Foundation at P.O. Box 627, Glens Falls, NY 12801 or contact Dr. Fred A. Phillips at 518-584-3162.