Course One

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COURSE # 1   8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Friday, February 3, 2017                                                                                                     
Location: Century House, Latham, NY
Tuition $240.00
In conjunction with 3rd District

AM Session: "The Oral Cavity Under Acid Attack: Identifying, Understanding and Treating Caries, Erosion and Other Acid Related Diseases"
PM Session: "Ethical Dilemmas in Aesthetic Dentistry"

Presented by
Marc Geissberger, DDS, MA, CPT

AM Session

“The Oral Cavity Under Acid Attack……Identifying, Understanding and Treating Caries, Erosion, and Other Acid Related Diseases”

As a dentist, personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist, Dr. Geissberger brings a unique perspective to the subjects of caries, diet and the oral environment. Through this enlightening program, Dr. Geissberger will discuss various disease conditions that plague the entire dental population, and identify several at risk populations. The importance of oral pH will be discussed and strategies for altering an unfavorable oral environment will be outlined. Additionally, the dental team will learn progressive strategies to help their patients achieve oral balance and curb their disease processes.

Learning Objectives:
• Understand the difference between a balanced oral environment and one that is susceptible to disease
• Develop strategies which can be implemented in practice to help patients achieve oral balance
• Develop a program for caries eradication that can be easily implemented into private practice
• Develop strategies to begin to discuss the oral implications of poor eating strategies and provide some tips
• Learn which materials should be used and how to properly restore dentitions plagued with the effects of erosion, abrasion, GERD and bulimia

PM Session

“Ethical Dilemmas in Aesthetic Dentistry”

   This presentation will review the ethical principles that guide us as practitioners. Each of us will
confront potential ethical situations centered on aesthetic dentistry. We will develop some central concepts and suggest ways of incorporating them into our daily practice. Practitioners should leave with a better understanding of today’s ethical issues.

During this program practitioners will:
• Review the code of ethics governing the practice of dentistry
• Discuss ethical dilemmas they face on a regular basis
• Learn communication skills designed to assist practitioners when confronting ethical situations
• Learn how to create a win-win situation with all parties involved in ethical situations
• Review some potential ethical situations each practitioner will encounter
• Develop strategies for each participant to raise the level of ethical dentistry within our field

 SPEAKER BIO: Marc Geissberger, DDS

Dr. Marc Geissberger is a Professor and Chair of the Department of Integrated Reconstructive Dental Sciences at University of the Pacific, School of Dentistry. He runs Pacific’s prestigious complex and esthetic rehabilitation program. He is a fellow of the American Dental Education Association’s leadership institute, researcher, as well as a published author in the areas of dental materials, contemporary fixed prosthodontics and esthetic dentistry. He has lectured nationally and internationally in the areas of adhesive dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, photography, ceramic, fixed prosthodontics and treatment planning. Dr. Geissberger serves as a consultant for many dental materials companies and helps guide product development. During his 25 years in academia he has maintained a private practice geared toward restorative dentistry with his brother and fellow Pacific alum Dr. Jeffrey Geissberger.

He believes his continual involvement in providing patient care as well as a role in academia has given him a unique balance that allows him to blend the best of both worlds. A member of the Catapult Group, Dr. Geissberger has been awarded fellowship in the International College of Dentists, American College of Dentists, and the Pierre Fauchard Academy. He has won several teaching awards and has presented over 250 lectures and hands-on workshops to colleagues in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China, Peru, Denmark, and Taiwan.

 He has co-authored and published numerous scientific papers and a textbook entitled Esthetic Dentistry in Clinical Practice for Wiley-Blackwell which is currently available in 4 languages (English, Spanish, Polish and Turkish). Dr. Geissberger earned a Masters in Educational Psychology in 1994 and has been a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) with the National Academy of Sports Medicine since 2008. He completed his Fitness Nutrition Specialty (FNS) training in 2011.
Dr. Geissberger’s goal is to provide an education experience that focuses on providing the clinician with the latest techniques and information that can be immediately incorporated into everyday practice. Presentations tend to be rich in information and Dr. Geissberger pledges to both entertain and educate simultaneously.  

Please note:  This course is held in conjunction with the Third District.  For proper credit, please register with your district.