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 May 21 and May 22, 2015

Join us for the 20th Annual Saratoga Dental Congress (SDC) in historic downtown Saratoga Springs. We’ll kick off with nationally-renown speaker, Dr. Stanley F. Malamed, and his presentations: “Emergency Medicine: Back to Basics” and “Local Anesthesia – Dentistry’s Most Important Drugs.”

Dr. Adam Freeman will speak on Forensic Odontology.  Thomas Viola, Joyce Turcotte and Cathie Collier will all present important dental hygiene topics and CPR will be offered as well. 

New to the line-up this year: “HIPAA & Patient Privacy Issues: A Basic Overview.”  The Trade Show will include 2 events from last year – the Lunch & Learn and Scavenger Hunt.  Please utilize the links below for more information and to register for this event, which we hope you’ll agree has something for everyone.  See you in May!  

To see the Program and Register visit the links below: 

2015 SDC Brochure:Program.pdf
2015 SDC Registration Form:2015_SDC_Registration_Form.pdf
New Online Registration Link:

EXHIBITORS Registration Form: Letter__Registration_Form.pdf
EXHIBITORS: Sponsorship Information: 2015_Sponsorship_Information_Letter.docx






Dr. Stanley Malamed "Emergency Medicine": Saratoga_NY_EM_B2B_2015_-_ALL-Malamed.pdf

Dr. Stanley Malamed "Local Anesthetics" :Saratoga_NY_LA_drugs_2015_-_ALL-Malamed.pdf

Joyce Turcotte and Cathie Collier: "Are You Up To Date in Dental Hygiene?" :tutcotte.collier.ho.pdf

Tom Viola "Hurt So Good" :Pain_Management_CE_Handout-Viola.pdf

Tom Viola: "Sweet Tooth Ironies":Diabetes_CE_Handout-Viola.pdf

Directions to City Center-

Parking Map for Saratoga Springs/City Center