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 Dental Equipment for Sale

 Equipment for Sale:

Saratoga Country: Retired Dr. selling all office equipment includes the following:  dental chairs, dental lights, cavitons, sterilizers, compressors, suction pumps etc.  Great for a young dentist who wishes to equip an office economically.  Send inquiries to email  (posted 11/2/2021)

Equipment for Sale:

v  Complete CEREC system- Omni cam console, MXL miller, (completely refurbished with 2 brand new motors), Compact miller (very low time, excellent condition, used as a backup), Ivoclar oven and pump for Emax, battery backup, 2 complete block inventories, Emax and other assorted blocks, all manuals, and every possible accessory. All in excellent condition. Asking $45,000 must sell. Please serious inquiries only

v 2 CARESTREAM / KODAK  DIGITAL X-RAY SENSORS :  SIZE #1 & SIZE #2 Complete with sleeves, Rinn Holders and all associated accessories. Asking $ 1500 each OBO

v  Baldor dual spindle 2 speed lab polishing lathe, complete with all chucks and assorted polishing wheels $300.00

v  RGP DENTAL ASSISTANT'S STOOL -   Brand New black fabric, with fully articulating seat and armrest. Asking $800 OBO

v 2 AUTOCLAVE /  STREALZER: Ritter  / Midmark M9, Excellent condition. Asking $ 900. and  a Tuttenauer  in good condition asking $150

v  ASSORTED ALGINATE & DENTURE TRAYS -  Every possible size. Asking $100 OBO

v  Triad II light curing lab system, complete with remaining supplies. Ideal for custom trays etc. $250.00

v  Handler dual speed range plaster vibrator 6”x8” platform cleans easy $100.00

v  Pindex system. Complete with pins  $100.00

v  Parkell electrosurg complete with tips and textbook $200.00

v  Custom tray vacuformer. Ideal for both night and athletic mouth guards. Remaining supplies included $200.00

v  Assorted new burs, includes lab, operative, and crown and bridge diamonds, carbides and stones. Diamonds are Brasseler’s, essentially anything that can spin on a handpiece both latch and friction grip $1200.00

v  Ivoclar Vivadent cordless curing light. Essentially brand new $2500.00

v  Ultrasonic unit $50.00

v  Office medical emergency kit completely updated with new Auvi Q epinephrine auto injectors, both doses, updated meds, and resuscitator $800.00

v  Assorted Alginate and denture trays $250.00

v  Cyclone lab dust collector-excellent condition $350.00

v  2 Computer extendable wall brackets $250.00/each

v  ESPE Pentamix 2 Impergum dispenser. Includes remaining tips and supplies $250.00

v  Vita easy shade advanced model 4.0. Good condition $750.00

v  Digitest electronic pulp tester $50.00

v  Sirona sirolaser complete with hard case and all accessories- Diode laser $750.00

v  3 Vanguard HVAX aerosol arresters plus extra nozzles and accessories $1300.00/each

v  RGP doctor/hygienist operatory stool with adjustable side arm. Beige $400.00

v  Operatory cart complete with 3 utility bins and extra top service slideout. 6 drawers $350.00

v  Polaroid introral camera complete with sleeves and software $250.00

v  Kodak Carestream K1500 intraoral comera system $250.00

v  Midmark model M-9 Ultraclave automatic sterilizer $2500.00

v  Tuttenauer autoclave –good condition $150.00

v  Porter nitrous delivery unit plus accessories $250.00

v  Phillips defibrillator-complete with wall mount case and first aid kit. All up to date $1000.00

v  Implant kit-includes all drivers, wrenches, and transfer posts for Strauman, Astra, Biohorizons, Locator and Keystone systems. Includes assorted locator caps and accessories $1500.00

v  2 Carestream Kodak digital sensors size #1 and #2. Alignment accessories included $2000.00 each

v  Complete set general practice oral surgical instruments $1200.00  Optional glass storage cabinet $250.00

v  Assistant’s chair – beige $250.00

v  Hygienists chair – dark blue $200.00

v  Assorted battery backup systems for operatory computers  Make offer

v  2 vintage Hamilton dental cabinets on wheels, and dust cover Make offer

v  2 Adec priority dental chairs: One equipped with brand new DCI delivery unit $10,000.00. Dark Beige chair

Other one – cobalt blue - stand-alone cuspidor with Pelton and Crane light $600.00

v  Dentsply Cavitron Plus with dual tanks-excellent condition $2000.00

v  Resuscitator with oxygen tank $50.00

v  Brother phone/copier/fax machine-good condition $100.00

v  Vintage office desk- classic $100 OBO

v  Dorm mini frig/freezer $75.00

v  Electric stacked washer/dryer combo Frigidaire $300.00

v  Single pump suction system and motor $200.00 OBO

v  Assorted hand pieces $100.00 each

12 Adec Snyea high speed hand pieces

3 Star Titan low speed motors with straight nose cone and latch adapters

2 air scalers

v  Office coat rack (Office Valet) $30.00

v  P Touch label maker $10.00

v  Canon calculator $10.00

v  Lab equipment and materials-Hanau torches, assorted waxes, bite blocks, base plates etc. Operative and hygiene instruments, complete sets. CLINICAL / LAB SMOCKS: Full length fabric with knitted cuffs. Excellent quality and very durable. Fully machine washable. Size LARGE in color Beige and size MEDIUM  in Light Blue. Considerable quantity.  Make an offer

Please contact: Dr. Romanazzi (518) 791-7457 or  (posted 10/18/21)

Equipment for Sale:

I have a six room dental office that I need to empty asap. Supplies and equipment. Patient chairs, doctor and assistant chairs. Overhead lights, waterlasers, iTero scanners, new sapphire curing lights. So much more. Please contact me at or (518) 810- 8884 (posted 10/5/21)

Equipment for Sale:

Please contact Dr. Kraut: 518-256-3031 with inquiries:  

2 Dentronix Sterilzers
1 Double Wheel Grinder
1 Red Wing Lathe
1 Orthodontics Reducer
1 Easy Vac
1 Vibrator
1 Ultrsonic Cleaner
2 Welders
3 Curing Lights
2 Slow Dental Lab Engine Drills
1 X-ray Duplicating DCA
50 Impression Trays
4 Stools
3 Dental floor lights
4 stools
2 Dental Instrument Cabinets
1 mobile dental cabinet with attached light 
4 Upholstered Waiting Room Chairs
2 Open Mobile Cabinets   
(Posted 7/12/21)


*Pole Barn full of used dental equipment at garage sale prices. Cash & Carry. Low prices. Dental chairs, xrays, cabinets, stools, sterilizers, instruments, handpieces, too much to list ! Please call 518 371-0058 for an appt. (posted: 4/23/21)