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Benefits of Membership  

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Value of Organized Dentistry NYSDA 2022 President Dr. James Galati

 Fourth District Dental Society:

*Professional growth and connection with your peers through Mentorship. This important interaction gives you a chance to share challenges and successes with colleagues in your region. It is also an opportunity to learn from senior members and/or to mentor younger members.  Our Mentorship program pair more experienced practitioners with members new to our district or the dental profession.  This connection strengthens our district and promotes growth within our community.

*The Saratoga Dental Congress (aka SDC) is a two-day meeting in May that provides outstanding continuing educational opportunities for you and your staff, featuring some of the professions' marquis speakers. In addition, there are over 40 manufacturer exhibits with the latest equipment and supplies and the opportunity to meet with local representatives. Raffles and great food round out the festivities, making this one of the best meetings you can attend right here in our own back yard. Your membership ensures a favorable fee for your entire office.

*Continuing Education opportunities.  The district offers four (4) all-day courses throughout the year on various topics. The venue is centrally located and often combines with the Third District. 

*Registry of Your Continuing Education Courses are submitted automatically by the district and kept for you at the New York State Dental Association (NYSDA). You can review your profile anytime on line at The State Education Department uses it to verify your status for license renewal, as well.

*County Branch Society meetings provide a more intimate dinner setting for interaction with other dentists and an interesting hour of continuing education with an array of topics and speakers.

*Peer Review helps mediate patient complaint claims without costly law suits. This useful member benefit is administered impartially and confidentially by your peers.

*Dr. Thomas H. Sullivan Substance Abuse Grant Program has been instrumental in changing the lives of New York dental professionals grappling with substance abuse addiction.  The New York State Dental Association, through its Committee on Substance Abuse and Well-Being, has aided hundreds of dentists whose professional careers, families and very lives are threatened by addiction and substance use disorder. Having an advocate at the ready with judgement-free guidance has been transformative for many men and women.  

Jacquie Donnelly 518-689-2750 or or Dr. Bob Herzog 716-830-3055 or Dr. John McCambley 518-573-6638

 For those who are seeking treatment but cannot afford the steep costs of inpatient rehabilitation the New York State Dental Foundation steps in with funding available through the Dr. Thomas H. Sullivan Substance Abuse Grant Program. (flyer)

*Insurance for malpractice through MLMIC is endorsed by NYSDA and the Fourth District. Other insurance opportunities are available to members through NYSDA and the ADA and include: business interruption, life and disability. Also, the Fourth District Claims Committee helps with disputed insurance claims.

*The Fourth District Web Page provides information about all district activities as well as quick links to NYSDA, the ADA and other dental industry organizations. The site also includes a Classified Ads section and an easy-to-navigate Dentist Search tab.

*The Newsletter is sent to members three (3) times per year providing information on district activities, state and federal regulations and policies and any other news of relevance that may affect you, your practice and your patients.

*Email newsletter and updates from the Executive Director are sent as needed. These may include changes in laws and regulations affecting dentistry and other current district news.

*The District Office is your resource for advice on Peer Review, Ethics, Dental Policies, State and National Regulations, Practice Management, and referrals to the appropriate people at the NYSDA and ADA level. Please call the office with questions at (518) 371-1114 or email