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Course #2:  March 4, 2022

Hilton Garden Inn, Clifton Park NY


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 Smile Creation using Minimal Preparation Designs and Thin Porcelain Veneers

Dr. Gary Radz

 Current growing popularity in “no-prep” veneers has created a lot of attention within the dental profession and the general public. Many in the dental profession remain skeptical as to the ability to create clinically acceptable veneers using this concept.

 This course will discuss the use of minimal preparation veneers in cosmetic cases, as well as address the subject of the “no-prep” concept. Included within this discussion will be review of case selection, material selection, preparation, impression techniques, temporization procedures, and delivery techniques.

 The attendee will leave with a better understanding of the potential applications and uses of very thin veneers.

 Course Objectives:

 1. Review the indications for “no-prep” and minimal preparation veneers

 2. Discussion of the porcelain systems used to create thin veneers

 3. Review of preparation guidelines, impression technique, provisionalization ideas, and cementation procedures.

 4. Develop an understanding and appreciation for the potential uses of thin porcelain veneers.

 About our Speaker:

Dr. Radz is a graduate and former chief resident of both AEGD and GPR residency programs. He has completed and been an associate clinical instructor for several post-graduate dental education institutions.

 Over the course of the last fourteen years Dr. Radz has lectured internationally, teaching the materials and techniques used in cosmetic dentistry. He has presented at many of the major national dental conventions, and in 2006 he has been invited to be the presenter for the ADA's Post Session meeting in Las Vegas